Whitney Westgate and Capri Cavanni threesome

Monday, September 22, 2014

Capri Cavanni feels terrible that she cheated on her boyfriend. He’s ready to dump her and move one, but Capri just can’t let him go. She’s willing to do anything to make it up to him. She decides that since she fucked someone else then it’s only charming for her boyfriend to fuck some one else as well. She brings in her friend, Whitney Westgate, and let’s her boyfriend fuck both of them at the same time. That’s got to help mend his broken heart.

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Whitney Westgate Seduces Married Man at the Mall

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Whitney Westgate was super pscyhed about the date she was going on later that evening, so she was really nervous about what to buy to wear. It was just her luck that she ran into Kerian, who was shopping with his old lady. He took the time he was waiting for his old woman, and used it to take camera phone images and adult films of sensual teen Whitney Westgate.

It’s no surprise that Whitney Westgate is a cost slutty tease. She loved every moment of dressing and undressing for Kerian, wanting to see how turned on he got by her. She didn’t care at all that he was married, and dropped to her knees to suck his thick fat pud.

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Whitney Westgate bangs the computer nerd

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Whitney Westgate has a computer repair guy come over to check out her laptop. It’s been crashing a lot lately and she’s attractive sure she has a virus. Well the computer repair guy checks it out and sure enough she’s got a virus. What surprises him though is that she got the virus from all the free nude pics she downloads. She should of bought her smut from sensual America, where it’s always safe to download. Regardless, the repair guy get’s her laptop fixed, but before he leaves Whitney tells him how captivating she thinks he is and starts grabbing his pud. He’s flattered, but he’s married. Whitney promises that his old lady will never determine out and that’s all the assurance he needs. He bangs Whitney all over the living room before jizzing on her face. She was a good fuck, but unfortunately he still has to charge her for repairing her laptop.

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Whitney Westgate is Seduced and Fucked

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Whitney Westgate thought that she was going to be the one doing all the seducing. She thought she was going to surprise her man when he got home and jump him in bed. Little did she know that she would easily be overcome by how suave and sweet he is. Before she knew it, Whitney Westgate was smiling and glossy-eyed and opening wide for his cock.

This brunette babe opens wide to take in his cock. She looks up at him, lovingly, as she sucks him off. Her motions for her to get up and slowly and sensually she lowers her pussy on top of his hard cock. With each thrust, he picks up speed – fucking her harder and harder until she’s lying there, legs shaking, and her tummy covered in his hot spunk.

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Whitney Westgate Shows Off Sexy O-Face

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stunning brunette beauty Whitney Westgate is enjoying a sexy day by the pool with her lover. He quickly strips her out of her polka dot bikini as they kiss, and then the talented lady starts sucking his cock. Her lover returns the pleasure by licking her and fingering her pussy, getting her nice and juicy for his plunging cock. She rides his dick hard, cumming repeatedly while he watches her caressing her titties.

Whitney Westgate and her lover make each other cum repeatedly and that’s the best way to enjoy a day at the pool. After a swim, they’ll do it even more!

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Whitney Westgate Strips Off Dinner Dress For Sex Romp

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beautiful brunette pornstar Whitney Westgate looks so classy in her black dress. She and her dinner date just came back from a feast, but now they are hungry for each other. He takes her dress off her and drives in on her titty, sucking it while she moans and shivers. Her pussy gets so wet, he can’t resist slipping his tongue inside her to taste her sweet nectar.

Whitney Westgate takes her turn, sucking his cock before climbing on top for a ride. She loves to fuck her man, forward and reverse, and after cumming, she eagerly sucks him until he showers her face!

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Whitney Westgate Sucks Cock and Rides it Hard

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Luscious brunette pornstar Whitney Westgate loves to fuck and suck and her lover is thrilled at the way she works him over. Her talented mouth drives him crazy as she sucks and licks the length of his shaft. Soon he spreads her legs and stuffs his dick deep inside her tight pussy. She rides him so good, loving the way he squeezes her titties as she thrusts her hips up and down the length of his dick.

She cums so good, several times, she coats his cock with cunt juice. When Whitney Westgate sucks him again, she tastes herself as she eagerly anticipates his spunk shower!

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Whitney Westgate Brunette Pornstar Loves Being Filled by Hard Cock

Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful brunette porn babe Whitney Westgate loves the way her sexy man looks and feels. She loves even more the way he touches her, stroking her skin and making her feel extra horny. As he strips her naked, he pinches her nipples and makes her cunt all juicy and ready for his thick dick to penetrate. His tongue slips between her sensitive folds, drinking her hot juices.

Whitney Westgate climbs on top to ride his cock hard and with every thrust of her hips, she brings him closer to explosion. She loves when he cums inside of her, deep in her juicy cooze!

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Whitney Westgate Christmas Helper Feasts on Santa’s Cock

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Whitney Westgate loves being one of Santa’s Helpers and along with Dillon and Lily, she takes good care of him when he feels down. In this hot tube, when Santa gets so tired of naughty kids he thinks about giving up, she uses her talented mouth and pussy to fuck him hard, showing him that sometimes being naughty is very, very nice!

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Whitney Westgate Strips From Dress For Naked Picnic Romp

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whitney Westgate is one hot brunette babe in a flowered dress, picnic basket on her arm. She spreads out a gingham blanket and relaxes, flashing you with sexy pink lingerie before undressing completely. This tantalizing babe loves to work up your appetite with thoughts of a picnic before revealing that she really wants you feasting your eyes on her.

As she poses naked for you, she hopes that all kinds of naughty thoughts come to mind. Whitney Westgate loves to lick and suck on delicious things and this babe has juicy treats that are delicious and zero calorie! Are you hungry?

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Whitney Westgate Cums During Hardcore Cock Riding

Sunday, December 8, 2013

When horny brunette hottie Whitney Westgate gets busy spending time with her man, she doesn’t waste time getting down to the business of fucking. This luscious babe lets her inner slut out to play and she goes absolutely crazy with passion as she rides his thick cock up and down as hard as she can.

Every time he slams into her juicy cooze, it tightens that much more around his thick dick. Whitney Westgate is one multi-orgasmic sex vixen and this horny fuck expert is ready to make her man cream – inside and outside of her body – all afternoon!

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Whitney Westgate Gets Naked For Finger Fucking

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hot and bodacious brunette Whitney Westgate loves to show off her hot body in a blue bikini and with a body like that, who can blame her. Those sexy curves are unstoppable, especially when she starts flashing you soft titties and a juicy little slit. Checking her pussy out close-up, you can’t help but want to lick it.

Whitney Westgate would love to feel your tongue working into her hole but since this lusty lady can’t have that, she’ll happily finger fuck herself while you watch. This beautiful naked hottie is ready to cum for a hard man like you!

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Whitney Westgate Strips Out of Purple Lingerie

Monday, December 2, 2013

Deliciously sensuous brunette porn babe Whitney Westgate is looking hot in bed in purple lingerie. This gorgeous babe is all curves and beauty and she’s feeling quite horny for pleasure. She slips her full titties out and spreads her legs, showing her pretty pink pussy slit.

She is happy to show you all of her favorite fuck positions, and if you can find a way to join her, she’d love to feel your big hard shaft filling her up in all the ways she craves. Whitney Westgate loves to fuck and suck and she’s happy to masturbate for you while you watch – while she fantasizes about your cock!

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Whitney Westgate Sucks and Fucks in Red Crotchless Lingerie

Friday, November 29, 2013

Beautiful brunette porn babe Whitney Westgate is curvacious in red lingerie. She’s on her knees worshiping cock – one of her very favorite pastimes. She sucks and licks that man meat until it’s hard as a rock and then bends over so he can slide deep into her juicy cooze.

This minx can’t get enough of that delicious fucking and the harder he pounds her, the harder she cums. Whitney Westgate is totally insatiable and she dreams about orgasms every moment of the day. Her pussy loves the feeling of being covered in her man’s sperm, and you know you love the view!

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Whitney Westgate Strips Off Black and White For Pre-Dinner Pussy Rubbing

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sexy vixen Whitney Westgate is all dressed up for dinner in a pretty black and white dress. The fetching blonde has her jewelry and sensuous black lingerie on and is ready to enjoy a meal. But first – she needs to satisfy her true craving. This babe needs to cum. She hopes that your dinner reservations won’t get messed up, but she simply must take a few minutes to strip and enjoy some time touching her naked body.

Whitney Westgate loves it when you watch her masturbate, and if you’re a really good boy, she’ll watch you cum hard too!

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